Blessings to Everyone

We are in a time of crisis right now with COVID-19 aka coronavirus, which has devastated countries worldwide and killed thousands of people. This virus shows no slowing down in the near future and to be honest, it's quite scary. All of us, regardless of where we live, have had our lives turned upside-down by this microscopic bug.

I work in a nursing home which is one place that is extremely vulnerable to this virus. Fortunately, corporate took precautions and closed the facility to all visitors and vendors about a week before the governor had all nursing homes shut down to visitors. Families are obviously upset and our aging population who have dementia don't understand what's happening. They feel their families have abandoned them or don't love them anymore. It's so sad. Each day I go in, I have my temp taken, scrub my hands and glove up and do my job. So far, thank God, we don't have any sick residents. But I still worry.

I haven't seen my daughters except through FaceTime nor have I seen my grandkids. I miss them so much. I miss my mom and my brothers and sisters. It's funny, but when I was able to visit them, I kept putting it off, now that I can't, I want to see them more than I ever did before. Lesson learned: Don't take your loved ones for granted.

As far as my writing...I'm on Chapter 19, Scene 2 as of this writing and am getting there, but at this rate, my book will be about 150K words! I'm writing without an outline and I find that my story is going to be the next "Never Ending Story." (sigh). I will get there. It just may not be at the time I originally thought--August.

For now, I ask that God send his blessings down upon you and keep you and your loved ones save. Stay quarantined if you must. Practice social distancing. Stay safe.


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