Camp NanoWriMo

I'm a little over half-way there with reaching my 20K word goal. I'm currently at 11,077 words, give or take. I created a daily goal of 650 words a day knowing that was feasible with my work schedule and not getting stressed if I made the goal too high and couldn't reach it. Which is what I do in November when the monthly goal is to write 50K words in a month.

I'm on Chapter 22, scene 1 right now and the story is moving along. I realize now that I have a lot of revising to do, but that's okay. I want so much to go back and revise now, but I need to finish, reach "The End" before tackling the revision process. That's probably why I never finished my other projects. I always want to revise and edit instead of moving forward. But, that's not wise. I'm so motivated to get this story finished and off to beta readers. My goal was to have it published in September which means I really need to get moving and get this first draft finished. My goal is to be able to sell my books at the "Fall in Love with New England" conference in October.

Are you writing this month? Did you join Camp Nano? If not, there'll be another camp in July. You can create your own word goal unlike NaNoWriMo in November which is 50K.

I hope you're all staying safe and healthy during this Covid-19 crisis. Wear a mask when going out into the public, wash your hands, often and keep social distancing. And let's pray this pandemic ends soon, very soon.

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