Creating A Storyboard...

Have any of you created a storyboard for any of your novels? I've done two. My first one was for a story that is still unpublished--Finding Eden, Book One. I created a board on Pinterest and added images that pertained to the story. I then copied the images (very time consuming I want to add) and then printed them off. From there, I adhered them to the pages in a sketchbook. I like using a sketchbook because the pages are much thicker and there's no bleed-through. I just adhered the images according to chapter and scene into the book and wrote a caption to trigger what the scene was about or what the image evoked.

My second Storyboard is for "The Time of the Moon" which I'm hoping to finish by the end of March and have it published over the summer. I haven't attempted to put the images of these images into a sketchbook, although I did print some out and they're in my story binder with all the info needed for this particular story.

You're probably thinking- "That's a lot of work." or "Just keep the boards on Pinterest. No need to copy them. . .again." Whatever you're thinking, that's okay. I liked it this way because I could bring it with me if I didn't have access to my computer or laptop. If I was going to the beach, I'd bring it along as reference. I'm very visual and although the computer makes life much easier to reference things, I still like having something concrete in front of me. That's why I still love notebooks. Sure, using a computer for everything is great, but I just love the feel of using paper.

Now, I may be late in discovering this, but I just found out that I can create sections in each Pinterest board. Yes! That made me happy. So, my storyboards are broken up into Chapters and each chapter into scenes with all the images right there. I do like this....alot, but it still hasn't stopped me from using my notebook as a storyboard.

There are so many ways to create a storyboard. If you want to try it out, look at Pinterest and YouTube or other authors to get an idea of how they do it. I find it alot of fun and while I'm looking at images, I find something else that triggers more scenes or other ideas for future stories.

If you haven't created a storyboard for your work-in-progress, try it. I find it helpful in so many ways. With a photo, I can look at it and write the description of the room as I see it in the photo, or describe body language, the color of hair, eyes, skin, etc. As I said, I'm very visual and to look at the image makes it easier for me to write. Some people can just write descriptions by 'seeing' it in their minds. Sometimes I can, and sometimes I need some help. Below are some 'storyboards" I created for Instagram. If you have any storyboards, please let me know. I'd love to see them. And visit my Pinterest site for even more images!

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