My First Writer Interview!

Diana Marie Hall, romance author, asked if I wanted to be interviewed for her website and I couldn't refuse. This was a great opportunity for me to build up my platform and to bring readers to her site and to mine. I do hope this interview will help the two of us gain readers, and writers! She asked me some great questions and I loved participating. Thank you, Dee, for this opportunity!

Read my interview here:

It seems real now. I finally have a website with my own domain name. I have a newsletter and a few subscribers--yay! And, my Instagram followers is growing as well. My next goal is to develop a Facebook page and increase my growth on Twitter. Oh, and I'll be doing some author interviews here as well. I know Dee will be happy to answer my questions.

Dee is a great author herself. She writes sweet contemporary and I LOVE her stories. "A Christmas Wish for Jack" is a sweet Christmas novella and "A Love Song for Mia" was published in a short story collection through Whisper Publishing last year.

Visit Diana at:

Not much else to write about in this post. I'm now working 40 hours a week which I haven't done in 30 years! I've been super busy at work--no downtime to write at all, and I'm usually too darn tired to write when I get home at almost 11:00 pm. I did create a writing schedule using Google Docs and hope to stick to my schedule. I won't use the excuse that I work full-time as a reason not to write. Plenty of full-time workers write and get published. My mantra: "I Can and I Will!"

All for now. Thanks for stopping by,


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