Sweet Christmas Joy in July

Christmas in July....a perfect month for me to start writing my Christmas romance titled: Sweet Christmas Joy. I created an outline and wrote the first chapter since my last blog post. I was planning on joining Camp NaNo but couldn't keep up with it. There were and still are things going on in my life that takes me away from the computer. And it was stressing me out. NaNo does that to me. Could be because I didn't have anything planned, but now that I have a detailed outline, I feel better about it.

And, of course, because it's summer, it's difficult to write about winter. I've been going through my Pinterest boards to get into the winter mood and with the high temps and humidity, it does help to cool me down. No, not really. I am determined to get this book published by November, maybe early December in time for Christmas obviously. Sweet Christmas Joy is Book One in a 6 book series. I've already got my characters for all six books along with titles and premises. At least I know where the path is leading but still need to do more work. I'll concentrate on the next book, when I get close to finishing the previous one.

Here are some images of my characters for Book One:

click for more pics on my Pinterest board:

Nicole Sweet, Chloe's daughter. Tyler Anderson, hero Chloe Sweet, heroine

she's 5 years old A journalist sent back owner of the Sweet Cheeks

and loves ballet, baking and to put his grandfather's Bakery and keeps a secret

playing with her dolls estate in order that only one person knows.

Chloe Sweet, a single mom, is busy raising her daughter and running the small town bakery in Riverton, Maine. She hopes to win the town's first window display contest to use the money to buy a new oven or her business will flounder. No oven, no baked items. Her life is happy and blessed for the most part until her ex comes back to town.

Tyler Anderson, a journalist (?) for a magazine in Boston (?) comes back to Riverton to spend one last Christmas with his grandfather who is terminally ill. When he arrives back to the small town, he couldn't wait to leave, he discovers a secret and realizes his heart never left Riverton.

I still have to work on this blurb, but I hope it gives you an idea of what Sweet Christmas Joy is about. I hate writing blurbs! So, stay tuned.

Sorry, I'm late with this post--it's been 5 weeks since I posted last. I'll try to be more timely in the future. Stay stafe my friends.

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