The First Draft is Nearly Done!

My WIP, Time of the Moon, is nearly done. Well, at least the first draft. I'm excited and can't wait for the next endeavor....rewrites. I'm now on the lookout for Beta Readers, so if you're interested, please let me know by sending me an email.

My next project, which is currently in the planning stages, will be a three-book series that takes place in the small fictional town of Riverton, Massachusetts, loosely based on three small communities where I grew up. The series title is simply: "The Riverton Romance Series". The first story, "Sweet Christmas Joy" will hopefully be out in November. I know, that's really pushing it, but I'm hopeful. The second in the series, I'm hoping to have released in the spring--by Easter, hopefully and my third sometime in the summer of 2021. I'm excited for this next journey.

Right now, I'm focusing on finishing up the first draft of TOTM. Already, I've made some changes as to my heroine's occupation which I believe works better with the story than my original plan of having her be a nurse. But, to be honest, I'm still flip-flopping with that. Right now, I'm at nearly 120K words--yikes! I definitely need to cut some wordage to get the story down to about 90K. It's basically one-third of the story I have to cut! If I wanted, I could make it into two books, with the first one ending on a cliff-hanger, but I don't want to do that.

Check out my Works In Progress to read another snippet of Time of the Moon or to look at an aesthetic I put together for Sweet Christmas Joy. Oh, Dancing in the Grass, which I have on the site as a work-in-progress, is now on hold, because that's Book 2 in my Riverton Romance Series.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe and healthy!


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