The Words Are Flowing. . .

and I'm a happy writer! I went two months without writing--December and January-- and just went into a major slump. Then all of a sudden in February, I sat at the computer and started writing a scene and the words flowed and flowed and I wrote 2,379 words in two hours before going to work yesterday. Today, I wrote 3,068 words so far and still have a few more hours of writing time and tomorrow morning as well. I did have errands to run, chores to do and such so I couldn't spend all my time writing, but I can't complain about what I've accomplished so far. My goal is to get this story finished by mid-March and then start edits. Of course, I should've had beta-readers all this time who could read my chapters as I finished them but, that's alright. Better late than never. I would love to have this published by August or September so I can have a book to sell at the FiLwNE Conference in October. No more procrastinating and making up excuses! I need to do this. I will get it done!

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