Working on my Author Platform

My newsletter is complete. You just need to subscribe and it'll come to your mailbox monthly. Also, I just downloaded some musical inspiration from Spotify and will try to link it to this website under the particular Story In Progress. I've added all my various links to which is on my Bio page. You're just a click away from reading excerpts or listening to music on Spotify. I'm hoping, fingers crossed, the links work to Spotify. Still trying to work out some kinks.

As far as building my author platform, I'm still learning and it's a huge learning curve. But, I will get there. In between working on my platform, I also need to learn how to market my website and get some followers. I also need to learn how to market myself and once my book or books are completed, then I'll have to know how to market them. I'm certainly not complaining, just thinking about all that I have to do to see my dream of being published come true! For anyone who has experience, then I'll be happy to know how you went about building your platform.

And I really want to write some intriguing and valuable blog posts. I'll be researching that in the next few days. If you have any suggestions of what you'd like me to blog about, please let me know.

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