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About Me


Welcome!   Let me tell you a little about me. . . 

First things first--  I love coffee--as long as it's flavored or has flavored creamer. And sugar. What is weird is that I cannot stand coffee with plain cream or milk.  Ewww!  Has to be flavored or I won't drink it.  I know, strange.  But, that's me.  Anyway, . . .

I've been writing for over two decades and I'm still learning this craft. Writers always have something to learn. I've written several manuscripts which are in various stages of drafts and revision. There are too many to count.  Most will not see the light of day again or ever be published, but they have taught me how the process works and how to become a better, and more patient, writer.  I have a longer post here where you can read more about my Writing Journey.  

I'm a wife, a mother of two daughters and grandmother of two--a boy and a girl-ages 4 and 6.  I live in southern Maine with my husband of 37 years!  We're originally from Mass. but moved to Maine 31 years ago and we've never looked back. We  love it here!  It's a beautiful state and offers so much inspiration for me.  Besides writing, I love reading, photography, scrap-booking, and anything craft related.  As a matter of fact, I stopped writing all those years ago, because I had become so engrossed in scrapbooking and actually made some money from it. But, writing was in my heart and I had to get back to the computer and write the stories of my heart. Once in a while, I grab my supplies and make a layout or two.  

And now I can call myself a Published Author! I self-published my first book, Dancing in the Grass, on June 22nd of this year (2021). It's a dream come true!  


Below, I've shared several photos of pictures of my family.  I thought this would show you more About Me. 

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