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Two childhood enemies. One adventure-filled summer. And an unexpected romance they're trying hard to resist...

Read Rachael's Poppy Creek series......


Meet the Tripp Family who live in Maple Grove, NH, a charming and friendly community nestled in the heart of New England.

Read more Katana's sweet romance series....


She's chasing dreams. He's hunting nightmares. Finding love wasn't in either of their plans. This is a romantic suspense series which takes place in Maine.....

Read more of this series...


A poignant romance of a woman who is as stubborn as she is mistrustful and an honest man who is hiding a very big secret....

Read more of Marianne's Well-Paired Series.....


Natalie Armstrong craves the peace and tranquility that only Sapphire Bay can give her. But returning to her grandparents’ cottage isn’t as easy as she imagined. No one told her about her houseguest or the unexpected changes in the small town she calls home.


Margo Harper is done with love. After swearing off it once before, she fell for the safe bet, the sure thing…but the only thing she can be sure of now is that her marriage is over. With only one place to go, she returns to Maine, desperate for her grandmother’s pancakes, her sisters’ laughter, and maybe a chance to begin again.


When former Marine, Jason Hall, finds out his nephew has been kidnapped, he hires Alexandra McIntire, a PI, to go on a road trip with him to find the boy. What ensues is a burgeoning love . . . .


It is 1902 and Georgina Potter has followed her fiancé to the Philippines, the most remote outpost of America’s fledgling empire. But Georgina has a purpose in mind beyond marriage: her real mission is to find her brother Ben, who has disappeared into the abyss of the Philippine-American War. 


Pregnant and divorced, Lindsey comes home to Cape Cod to build a new life. When her car breaks down, she is rescued by her high school sweetheart, Damien. He's only home to settle his father's estate and get out. He can't bear the memories of abuse.  until Lindsey and her newborn baby give him a glimpse of the kind of family and future he’s always dreamed of.


After an unfortunate discovery involving her boyfriend and a blonde and a glass-walled shower, Winnie Briggs is bolting from her Chicago-based life in search of a fresh start as the editor of rural Bloomsburo's newspaper. Winnie's only desire is to put all of her energy into her writing -

Read more of this delightful series


As Miss Elizabeth Marshfield, I’ve never had a choice. My marriage to Sir Charles Dempsey is arranged. Love plays no role in this, but my sizable dowry does. On my eighteenth birthday, as I promise to honor and obey, eerie voices unlock a curse and an ancient magic I didn’t know I possessed,...


Jake doesn't believe in time travel, or that he’s been sent back in time to act as scout for a wagon train along the Oregon Trail. He's also been given the added burden of keeping one emigrant woman safe during the journey. 

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