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Frequently Asked Questions
  • When will your first book be published?
    I plan on having my first book, Dancing in the Grass, published by March 2021. If there's a delay, I'll be posting the news here on the website.
  • How many books are in the Misty River Romance series?
    I'm planning on four books, one for each season, but the series may have five. Each book is a stand alone but is best read from Book 1 to understand and 'meet' the characters.
  • Does it cost money to become a Member?
    No, not at all! But, if you become a Member, you'll have access to writing freebies to help you in your writing journey (if you're a writer) or reader goodies. I'm always adding new content and the only way to have access would be to become a Member. Plus you get my monthly Newsletter, all Free!
  • I'm an aspiring author. Do you have any advice for me?
    First of all, congratulations on writing your first book. And, I love to get to know other writers! My advice is to DON'T GIVE UP! It's so easy to want to give up writing feeling you're just not good enough but your story could be the one that other readers are looking for! Check out my For Writers page for lots of info I've gathered from other websites.
  • Are you looking for Beta Readers?
    If you're looking to be a beta reader for any of my writing projects, may I suggest you become a Member and sign up for my Newsletter. I always give my subscribers the chance to beta read first.
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