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Lori Leveille

Author of Time-Travel Romance

Hello Readers!  

You're probably wondering why I added this page to my website.  It's becauseI also write time-travel romance with a bit of suspense.  

I was drawn to time-travel years ago when I got hooked on June Lund Shiplett; Eugenia Riley; Barbara Bretton; Jude Devereaux and several others.  I decided I wanted to write one of my own, and I did.  I started it 28 years ago. Yes, nearly 30 years ago.  It's original title was "A Time to Smile", but it's been revamped and retitled to "Finding Eden."  It now sits s in a box until I decide to pull it back out and revise it. The essence of my original story is still there.  I hope I can publish it by the end of this year, or early 2022. I hope you'll want to go on this extended journey with me as I write time-travels with heart and suspense.