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L. E. Leveille

Author of Time-Travel and Time-Slip  Romance

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Hello Readers!  

You're probably wondering why I added this page to my website.  It's because I also write time-travel romance with a bit of suspense.  

I was drawn to time-travel years ago when I got hooked on June Lund Shiplett; Eugenia Riley; Barbara Bretton; Jude Devereaux and several others.  I decided I wanted to write one of my own, and I did.  I started it 28 years ago. Yes, nearly 30 years ago.  It's original title was "A Time to Smile", but it's been revamped and retitled to "Finding Eden."  It now sits s in a box until I decide to pull it back out and revise it. The essence of my original story is still there.  I hope I can publish it by the end of this year, or early 2022. I hope you'll want to go on this extended journey with me as I write time-travels with heart and suspense. 

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Finding Eden

Kate arrives at 'Eden's Gate', a beautiful bed and breakfast in Bar Harbor, Maine.  She's on a buying trip for her boutique store on the outskirts of Boston where her clientele are in search of unique items from the past. She shares this boutique with her best friend.  Shortly after her arrival, Kate hears strange voices coming from a closed room which is forbidden to all guests of the home. Her first night, she hears the cries of a young woman and when she peers out the window, she sees what appears to be a woman in white running towards the woods on the edge of the property.  Everything about Eden's Gate is strange yet she feels as though she's been there before. Kate has suffered from nightmares for several months and doesn't understand why she's dreaming of the same man reaching out to her and hearing the cries of a baby on the wind.  She believes her dreams are telling her something. One night, during a horrible thunderstorm, she's swept back in time to 1906 and finds herself at Eden's Gate when it was new. She meets the enigmatic owner, Stephen Townsend, who claims to be her husband and that she had been gone for a year, believed to have died by suicide.  While trying to find a way to her own time, she discovers she's falling in love with Stephen and that someone has a secret they will kill for! 

***Author Note:  This is not the blurb. I wanted to give the reader an idea of what can be expected. This book is still in draft form****

Time of the Moon

Time of the Moon is more of a time-slip story than a time-travel.  Lauren, my heroine is asked by her beloved grandmother to go to the abandoned house on the next full moon because "someone waits for her there." Days after her Gram passes away, Lauren feels compelled to go to the derelict house in the woods. In the past, she and her grandmother had often visited the house and Lauren never feared it. She couldn't figure out why her Gram always felt compelled to go there but Gram never told her. When Lauren arrives at the house on the night of the full moon, it' s no longer the delapitated house she had seen only the day before. The manse looked newly built!  To her horror and amazement, she's greeted by an older woman dressed from a previous century. Moments later, Lauren meets the owner, a handsome man whose handsome features are marred by a mask covering the right side of his face. Despite her initial fear, she feels a connection to him. He introduces himself as Marcus Sinclair. Lauren has decided she's seen enough and decides to head back to her home, but is told she can't. Not until a full week has passed. You see, the full moon sent her to the past and can only send her back to her own time a week later. If she chooses to return, she has to wait for the next full moon. During the first week of her stay, Lauren becomes entranced with Marcus and his young niece, Isabella. She also discovers a few secrets and a mystery waiting to be solved. As time goes on and the moon brings her back twice more, she realizes she's in love with Marcus, but she can't remain in his time and he cannot go to her time. There is only one way but will it be too late when the full moon sends her back?

**Author Note: This is not the blurb.  This is only an idea of what the story is about. This book is in draft form***

Back to Eden

This time, it's Kate's best friend, Amanda, who is thrown back in time to Bar Harbor, Maine one year after Kate disappeared. When she sees visions of Kate from a time long ago, she now understands what Kate had meant. Through a strange experience with an antique mirror, Amanda goes back to the year 1908 and is reunited with her best friend. She meets Stephen's best friend, who helped save Kate's life. When Amanda meets the young physician, her heart is lost. She and Kate get reacquainted and she discovers Kate is pregnant! Will Amanda be able to stay in the past or will an mysterious force hurtle her back to the present, never to see her friend again?

*** Author Note: This is not a blurb. This is to give you an idea of what the story may be about. In the process of writing, alot can change. ***

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