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Dancing in the Grass, Book 1

Dancing in the Grass, a small town sweet contemporary romance set in the coastal town of Misty River, Maine, will be available for purchase on June 25th.  


Can a world renowned ballerina give up her dream to find

true love in a small town?

Bree Thompson left Misty River ten years ago to pursue her dream of dancing all over the world until her dream ends from a fall.  She heads back to Misty River, hoping to find a spot with a company soon. She doesn't expect to run into her high school crush and have the old feelings resurface. Her plan is to find another company and leave Misty River quicker than she can pirouette. 

Lucas Tanner, single father to a five year old girl, still blames himself for the tragedy that killed his wife and left his daughter with a disability.  While working on the dance studio, he never expects to run into the woman who owned his heart back in high school.  Can he convince her to stay in town and be a part of his family? 

What Readers are saying:  

** This story was well done and a quick read. I didn’t expect to but I cried during a special scene. Read this, very heartwarming.--L. Catherine

** I just loved the story line. I really felt what the characters were feeling and didn't want the book to end!!

I look forward to more books from the author! I highly recommend this book--Vincie Anne

** What a wonderful story. Lori did an amazing job. I loved the story line. Can't wait for the next books to come out.

This book should be a movie. This book is a must read if you like love stories.--brittney


Wishing on the Starts, Book 2

Can wishing on a star make Christmas wishes come true?

Chloe Sweet, a small town bakery owner and single mom to Sophie, has one wish on her Christmas list this year: to win the local Christmas tree contest so she can purchase a new oven for the bakery. Her business depends on it. Chloe loves this time of year, despite the fact that the man she loved and thought she’d marry, left her alone and pregnant on Christmas Eve. He never said why. Never contacted her. Then again, she had never told him about Sophie. So, she lived her life and created a business for herself. Now, after all these years, Tyler has returned to Misty River. She decides it’s best to avoid him and focus on providing a nice Christmas for her daughter. But, things don’t go as planned. Sophie has asked for the impossible: a daddy for Christmas! The only way Chloe can accomplish making her daughter’s wish come true is to tell Tyler her secret and hope he’ll want to stay.

Tyler Anderson, a talent photojournalist and world traveller, has returned to Misty River to find a facility for his ailing grandfather, the only family he has left in the world. For six years, Tyler has avoided Christmas and the small town because it held too many painful memories. The woman he had loved and planned on marrying betrayed him and he did the only thing a man with a broken heart would do: leave town. He figures it shouldn’t be too difficult. He was only in town for a few weeks and once he had his grandfather settled in a new home, he’d leave. But, his heart has other plans. He’s falling in love again with the woman who shattered his heart. It doesn’t help that Sophie has him tied around her little finger. He doesn’t understand why he has such strong feelings for this sprite of a girl. The more time he spends with them, makes it harder for him to leave Misty River.

What Readers are Saying: 

 ** I love this book so much. I read the first book and couldn't put it down. This one I couldnt either. Lori did a good job with this one. I love the ending. I cant wait for the 3rd one to come out. If you love romace novels. Read this book. Her books remind me of hallmark movies and nicholas sparks movies.--brittney

Dreaming of Sunsets, Book 3

What happens when two best friends fall in love? Combustion!

Jamie Sommers, manager of Jamie’s Jukebox Diner, feels lost and abandoned now that her two besties have found love, one of whom is getting married in a couple of weeks! Jamie’s love-life is tragic and the little town of Misty River has a tremendous lack of eligible bachelors. Stressed to the limit, she takes a well-deserved vacation before her friend’s wedding and rents a cabin along Misty River. All she wants is to read, drink some wine, and sleep. Sounds like heaven!

Brett Thompson, a dedicated firefighter, has come home for his sister, Bree’s, wedding. Although his family expects him to stay at the farm, he’s decided to enjoy his vacation in a cabin along the river. After a stressful few months at the firehouse, all he wants is some quiet time to do some fishing, kayaking and sleeping. Sounds like heaven!

Neither one expects to bump into the other at the cabin. When they realize a mistake has been made with their reservations, and they have no choice but to go home or stay in the same cabin, they do what friends do best—hang out together.

Jamie and Brett have always considered themselves off-limits from one another when it came to dating. They are friends first and foremost but, as they spend more time together, neither one can deny what’s happening and neither one knows how to tell the other how they truly feel.

Dreaming of Sunset mockup.png

Falling Inn Love, Book 4

Kris Galloway has the chance to update Serenity Inn to her vision. She wants to bring the old Victorian back to its former glory. If she thought the old house needed some TLC before, it needs it even more now, since the previous contractors had walked out, leaving her with a mess. She hires the one person who had turned her down last spring--the one man in town who can build her up and tear her down, all in one day. 

Devon Tanner feels guilty he was't available to take on the construction of the Serenity Inn last spring, but he and Lucas had to finish the cabins for their small resort on Misty River to be ready for the summer rush of tourists. Now he's able to help Kris at an affordable cost, but in the process, Kris has become like a splinter under his nail with her ideas of the renovations. What he feels should be done is not what Kris has in mind. They're fighting more than they ever had before. 

Kris is no match for Devon's sinful smile and rough exterior. She's known him for most of her life and has always considered him like a brother, a very annoying brother. He grates on her nerves like nails scraping on slate. But, as they work side by side, day after day, she finds herself falling for the surly construction worker. She had no intentions of falling in love with him, but as he builds up walls and patches old wounds of the inn, will Devon heal her old wounds? 

Wrapped Up In You
    A Dickens Holiday Romance 

Can a Christmas loving children’s author show the ‘grinchy’ librarian the true meaning of Christmas? 

Molly McPherson used to love Christmas until a tragedy took her happiness away. She won’t be spending the holiday with her family, now or ever. Living in a town that revolves around Christmas makes it hard for her to cope. If she could, she’d pack up and leave. It doesn’t help that as a librarian, she's asked to recommend Christmas books for the season, read Christmas stories to the children and make Christmas crafts. Bah humbug! But when she’s tasked with the job to be a tour guide for a visiting children’s author, all she wants to do is climb into bed, ignore Christmas and wake up the day after.

Brandon Hart loves Christmas and for once, gets to spend it in Dickens, a town dedicated to the holiday year round. It's the perfect place to write, absorb Christmas cheer and forget his recent heartache. He can’t fathom anyone not loving Christmas. Soon after his arrival, he meets a woman who reluctantly agrees to show him around town despite her negativity towards the holiday. As they spend time together, Brandon realizes Molly wants to find the joy in Christmas. He has three weeks to finish his book and show Molly the true spirit of the holiday.

Author Note **This is a small town sweet Christmas romance. It can be read as a stand alone but features cameo appearances of characters from other Dickens Holiday Romance series written by other authors in this anthology.***

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