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My site is under some 'renovations' at the moment, but you can still view the pages. Just understand that some pages will look odd and out of sync. Thank you for understanding


Hi! I'm Lori and I'm a writer of contemporary small town romance. My brand is sweet with themes of friendship, family and love of community.  Currently, I'm writing a four (maybe 5) book series that takes place in the fictional small town of Misty River, Maine where 'neighbors treat you like family and visitors come to stay'.  I plan on having Dancing in the Grass, Book One published by May of 2021.


I love interacting with other writers and readers in the writing community.  Feel free to visit me on my Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Click on the icons in the toolbar above.   I'm working on my YouTube  Author page at the moment. Once that page is up and running, I plan on creating weekly videos showing my writing journey as in indie writer on her way to being self-published. 

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  Due out June 2021

My first book of the Misty River Romance series, DANCING IN THE GRASS, set in a coastal town of Maine, is due to be released June 5th, 2021.  There's no going back now. If I don't have my book published by then, I'll be banned from doing any pre-orders for ONE year!  That's definitely an incentive!

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She was living her dream until it all came tumbling down. . .


Bree Thompson never expected her dance partner, and boyfriend, to drop her during a lift in front of thousands of people.  After weeks of therapy, and subsequently losing her contract with the company, she heads home back to Misty River, Maine.  But dancing is her life and she’s not about to stop. She’s determined to find a job with another company soon and she’ll be leaving Misty River quicker than she can pirouette. But her sister and her aunt have other plans. They want her to take over the dance studio. She doesn’t want to run the local studio teaching young children the fine art of ballet. She’s a dancer, not a teacher.  


Lucas Tanner, a single, over-protective dad and a successful contractor, wants to forget the tragic past that has crippled his daughter. While helping out a friend by renovating her dance studio, he’s taken by surprise when he bumps into his old high school crush. He tells himself he should keep his distance, but when he enrolls his daughter in Bree’s dance classes, it’s all he can do to not dance his way into her heart. 

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