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Hi! I'm Lori and I'm a writer of contemporary small town romance. My brand is sweet with themes of friendship, family and love of community.  Currently, I'm writing a four (maybe 5) book series that takes place in the fictional small town of Misty River, Maine where 'neighbors treat you like family and visitors come to stay'.  I plan on having Book 1-Dancing in the Grass published by March of 2021.


I love interacting with other writers and readers in the writing community.  Feel free to visit me on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts.  I'm working on my Facebook Author account at the moment. 

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  Due out March 2021

My first book of the Misty River Romance series, DANCING IN THE GRASS, set in a coastal town of Maine, is due to be released in March 2021.  

Bree Thompson, a young dance instructor, loves teaching young children the art of ballet and tap.  She gave up the chance to dance for the Boston Ballet for a life of marriage and children until her fiancee' dumped her for another woman.  Instead of putting her energy searching for love, she puts it into re-building her studio to benefit children with disabilities.  When Lucas Tanner arrives in town with his six year old daughter who has speech and developmental delays, he offers to build the studio of her dreams on one condition. . .





An assortment of writing tips I've learned on my writing journey. Take a peek. . .

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Check out  my  small town sweet romance series set the fictional town of  Riverton, Maine. . .





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