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And Now, it's On To Book Two!

My first book, Dancing in the Grass, was released in paperback form on June 22nd, to my total surprise. It wasn't supposed to be available until the 27th. And the e-book version went LIVE on Friday, June 25th. Exactly 6 months until Christmas. I am overjoyed! And, I'm scared. I'm so afraid people will hate it and I'll get a ton of 1 star reviews, or none for that matter. I'm trying to stay positive and hope I get some great reviews. But, although I need to focus on marketing Book One, I also need to start Book Two. . .

Wishing on the Stars. This book is scheduled to be published in November, maybe October if all goes well. I don't have a blurb written yet, but I do have a cover. This book features Chloe Sweet and Tyler Anderson. Chloe was introduced in Dancing in the Grass. Writing Wishing on the Stars is hard this time of year, considering it was 94 degrees outside today and is supposed to be very warm and humid all week. Not that I'm complaining....I love the warm, errr, hot weather, but how do you describe being chilly with frozen fingers and toes when you're melting from the heat?! Maybe I'll stand naked in front of the air conditioner. I did think of watching and listening to ambient snow storm sounds on YouTube. I'm sure I'll find a way to get in the wintry mood.

Until my next blog post, I hope you'll check out Dancing in the Grass, Book One at these places:

Amazon; Kobo; iBooks; Nook; Google Play. . .to name a few. . .so far.

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