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Happy New Year!

**What a year 2020 has been! I'm happy to see it gone, but I sure hope that 2021 will be a much better year. Dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic has changed everyone's lives, some worse than others. And yet some people have fared well--business wise. Considering I work in the medical field, I've been fortunate that the tests I've had throughout the year have consistently come back negative. My husband is high risk for Covid so I'm doing everything I can to not bring it home and so far, it's worked. We're both healthy and I'm fortunate to still have a job.

**As far as my writing goes. . . I've done well. I started 2020 continuing my Time of the Moon WIP then switched off to start my Misty River series. I started what was supposed to be Book 1 --Sweet Christmas Joy to be published by November 2020, but that didn't work as I had expected. So I put that on the back burner temporarily and started Dancing in the Grass which was originally going to be Book 2 of the series and made that Book 1. This will hopefully be published in the Spring of this year. I have about 7 more chapters to write, then I'll need to edit and get it to beta readers.

**My other plans for this new year are as follows:

Lose 30 pounds

Read one book a month

Increase my website subscribers to 100 this year. If it's more--that'll be fantastic!

Create two blog posts monthly

Be consistent with sending out my newsletter monthly

Create one layout (scrapbooking) weekly. (I have so many layouts to complete)

Stay in touch with family on a weekly basis. (I've been bad about this.)

Attend the Fall in Love with New England Conference in October as a published author!

Learn more about the self-publishing industry

Create a FB Author Page and a Youtube author channel

**I'm sure I've left some things off my list, but this is a start. What are your goals for 2021? I'd love to hear what they are. Leave a comment below.

***As always, thanks for reading my blog posts.


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