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I Did It!

With fingers crossed and a bit of a shaky breath, I uploaded my cover for Pre-Orders on Amazon. It was easy and now I'm nervous to see if I'll even get any preorders. I was originally going to have my book published for May 31st, but I extended it by a week, so it's now set for June 5th, 2021.

If you love small town sweet romance similar to Hallmark movies (which I happen to love!), then I believe you'll love Dancing in the Grass, Book One of my Misty River series. Here's the blurb:

Bree Thompson never expected her dance partner to drop her during a lift in front of hundreds of people. After weeks of therapy, and subsequently losing her contract with the company, she heads back to Misty River, Maine, a place she couldn’t wait to leave. But, dancing is her life and she’s not about to stop. She’s determined to find a job with another company soon and she’ll be leaving Misty River quicker than she can pirouette. But her sister and her aunt have other plans. They want her to take over the dance studio and teach young children the fine art of ballet. She’s not cut out to be a teacher. She’s a dancer.

Lucas Tanner, a single, over-protective dad and a successful contractor, wants to forget the tragic past that has crippled his daughter. While helping out a friend renovate her dance studio, he’s taken by surprise when he bumps into his old high school crush. The woman who has had his heart all these years. He tells himself he should keep his distance, but when he enrolls his daughter in Bree’s dance classes, it’s all he can do to not dance his way into her heart.

Bree finds herself falling in love with the handsome contractor and his daughter as well as mending the bond with her family and long lost friends. Lucas discovers that Bree could be the mother Dani really needs and the woman he’s meant to be with.

Bree is encouraged to have her students participate in the annual Founder’s Day BBQ Dance Contest, but when it falls on the same day she’s to audition for a renowned dance studio, will she give up her dream to dance professionally or will she choose to dance in the grass with her students in the small town she’s grown to love?

Can Bree give up her dream for a chance at love and family? Can Lucas rebuild his heart and offer Bree a chance at happiness?

If this story intrigues you, check out my PreOrder on Amazon.

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