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Working on my Photography Skills

I attended my first photography class last Tuesday so I can use my DSLR camera on other settings other than "Automatic". Saturday was a gorgeous day--75 degrees and sunny, so I decided to head to Kennebunkport and visit some of the beaches there and try to get some nice manual shots of the waves. It was high tide at the time I arrived at Mother's Beach and the waves were beautiful as they crashed to shore. I was able to get several shots of the waves crashing against the rocks, spewing white foam into the air. I played around with the settings and actually got some great shots! It'll take a lot more practice to get to know all the settings on my camera, but it's fun learning.

After going to the beach, I drove around parts of Kennebunkport to get some inspiration for Dancing in the Grass. My town of Misty River is based a little bit on Kennebunkport, Cape Porpoise, Arundel, and my hometown of Essex in Massachusetts.

Besides writing, I love photography which comes in handy with my other love--scrapbooking. I know, I have too many hobbies that cost too much money, but I try not to think about that.

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